Sunday, June 20, 2010

Videos from London (O2 #7) June 19

Videos from the seventh show of Bon Jovi's O2 residency: June 19, 2010.

SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN - One of my absolute favourite songs ever. I was shaking. Jon sounds pretty good and looks like he's feeling the lyric too.

Here's another video... If I get this song in Perth, I will be the happiest person in Australia.

WILD IS THE WIND - Amazing to hear this. New Jersey is one of the best albums of the 80s.



  1. look at all the people behind the stage, most of them are sat down. they didn't deserve this song, im so so gutted i didn't get it, i couldn't have asked for it more then saw obie featured a question with one person asking for it for last nite on :( i hope you get it in perth

  2. Leah Ann....i'm right there with ya hon......yesterday was my birthday, and i wished all day that i could hear them play Something to Believe In. I was in shock when i saw it on the set list. I'm in the states, but what a treasure it was to hear and see via You Tube. I hope that you get it when they come to me a big favor and get a really good video of this song if you can. The two that are posted aren't bad, but would love to get it a little smoother....this song touches my soul...i'm so happy that they are coming back to Australia....I saw the concert when they were in Dallas, Texas, but it's just gettin better as they travel the world. What an awesome nite that must have been to get SBI and Wild is the Wind to boot.....thanks for always keepin us up to date...

  3. just to verify, i forgot about the time birthday was 6/19.....sweet BD gift from the boys, even if i wasn't in London.

  4. As someone who does believe in Jesus (but not the Pope), STBI isn't one of my faves. However, I am glad that almost anything from These Days was played instead of a List Highway album cut or something. Don't get me wrong, I like the song, I just don't identify with it as much as others seem to. :-)

  5. @tonja: It might be hard to keep still with the shock :P but I'll certainly do my best to get a good video if I get this. :)

  6. ok Lee Ann, that's all i can ask for lol.....i know i would faint and fall over if i heard it maybe someone that's not that into it will get a good video and u can just swoon....and swoon for me too!!!!:)


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