Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paris set list

Bon Jovi's first Paris show in nine years. The set was decent without being mind-blowing (apart from "Let It Rock" which is just about the epitome of mind blowing)....

Blood on Blood
We Weren't Born to Follow
You Give Love a Bad Name
Raise Your Hands
Born to Be My Baby
Lost Highway
When We Were Beautiful
Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars
We Got It Goin' On
Bad Medicine / Oh, Pretty Woman [Roy Orbison cover]
Lay Your Hands on Me [Richie Sambora on lead vocals]
Bed of Roses
I'll Be There For You
Something for the Pain [acoustic]
Someday I'll Be Saturday Night [acoustic]
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
It's My Life
Work for the Working Man
Who Says You Can't Go Home
Keep the Faith

Let It Rock
In These Arms
Wanted Dead or Alive
Livin' on a Prayer

....But I'd definitely like more songs from The Circle, including ones that haven't been played yet and ones that seem to have been mothballed since the early part of the tour ("Thorn In My Side", "Bullet", "Brokenpromiseland"). Plus I think I said earlier (either on this blog, on Twitter, or both) that "Love's the Only Rule" should be at every show this tour. Jon, I know the album didn't sell as well as Lost Highway but sales aren't necessarily a marker of quality. You were proud of this album before the tour and you should still be now. You don't need sales to validate your self-worth any more than you need "critical acclaim". So play some damn songs from the damn album you're supposed to be promoting, damn it!

*steps off soap box*

Anyway, next gig we're back in London for the sixth show of The O2 residency.

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