Sunday, June 6, 2010

Royal Beach Concert videos

Some videos from Bon Jovi's Scheveningen Beach concert.

ONLY LONELY - I think I say this every time it's played but I'll say it again; this is my equal favourite 7800 Fahrenheit song. Jon messes up the lyrics but it's great to see the song finally get another outing, and I'm hoping for more to come.

IN THESE ARMS - David Bryan sings part of this, although he's too low on the mix when he first starts singing. But nevertheless, very cool.

BAD MEDICINE / BAD CASE OF LOVING YOU / ROADHOUSE BLUES - The band seems really happy and relaxed... especially His Royal Highness Jon, which is perhaps the most important guy to keep happy for a smooth running show. Y'know, there are some great beaches here in Australia too, Jon. ;)

WHEN WE WERE BEAUTIFUL - Jon: "It ain't up to government, it's up to us to make a difference".

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