Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bon Jovi on 60 Minutes + Richie Sambora in Total Guitar

Liam Bartlett from 60 Minutes in Australia interviewed Jon and the band in London. The segment, entitled 'It's My Life' aired tonight... I'm not sure if there are region restrictions but hopefully you can watch it at this link. Nothing much we haven't seen or heard before, though there's some footage of London including a snippet of the band soundchecking "Wild is the Wind".

Bartlett also blogged about the experience:
With natural trepidation, I asked if it was possible to see his face and reluctantly he obliged but the die was cast. Clearly, he looked tired – which was not surprising given the gruelling tour schedule the band is currently subjected to – and from the outset, not too happy.
Read the full blog here.

Also, check out this from Total Guitar's music editor Chris Bird about Richie:
I've always loved Richie Sambora's playing – he just makes it look so effortless. At the height of the grunge era of the early 90s, when hair metal and bands wearing leather and/or spandex were seriously out of fashion, Richie's playing was a guilty pleasure of mine. Bon Jovi were often tarred with the cock-rock/hair metal brush back in the late 80s. This may be fair comment, but some pretty handy guitarists emerged out of the genre and Richie was among the best.
Check out the full post here. Richie was interviewed in issue 203 of Total Guitar which is out now.

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