Friday, June 11, 2010

David Bryan: From Netherworld to Memphis, Part 2

Part 2 of Bryan Reesman's interview with Dave is now up on his blog, Attention Deficit Delirium.
My whole goal today is to not get hit by a bus. I found something that I truly love. At the hundredth show for Memphis, I probably hadn’t seen it in about a month. It’s such a wild experience because you have given it away. It’s in your soul and then you give it away, and when you watch it all go down there’s a sense of removal that it’s not me. I’m sitting back enjoying it and going, “Holy f***, I actually did this?” It’s such a mountain of work. It’s 15 hour days for six weeks. It’s insane. You walk into that building, and the workload is insane. To me, when I look at the finished product, I am completely satisfied in every inch of that show and care about every inch of that show. That is so rewarding to see that, and then to be also teaching audiences a little something while still entertaining them. I can do that until I’m 100 years old.

Dave also talked about the current Bon Jovi tour:
On the tour we came in with our master list of about 90 songs, just to keep the boredom out. We first learn them, then walk into the sound check and play them. We’ve been playing some old ones from the first record. We’ve played “Roulette” and “The Hardest Part Is The Night”. Songs we haven’t done in forever. It’s fun to do that stuff.
They haven't actually performed "Hardest Part", though we know it's been soundchecked... I wonder if it'll make an appearance. Maybe even during this O2 residency?

Anyway, read the full article here. Part One of the interview is at this link.

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