Wednesday, February 24, 2010

San Jose videos + Thorn In My Side from Seattle

A few videos from the San Jose show. You can read the full set list here.

"This Is Our House" plays while the crowd waits for the band to come on, then about half of "Blood on "Blood" is captured in this video. It's pretty awesome, kind of like watching Stargate. :P

KEEP THE FAITH (partial) - Played for the first time this tour. Would have been cool to get the jungle sound effects. ;)

SOMEDAY I'LL BE SATURDAY NIGHT - Ok, I admit it, I'm biased towards this song. And I happen to love it acoustic.

WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE - The "national anthem".

Hath & Co have a full video guide up on their Circle Tour Blog.

I also decided to include this vid of "Thorn In My Side". It's from the second show in Seattle but they also played it at the start of the encore in the first Seattle show, and again in San Jose. Love the twin solo/jam session Jon and Richie indulge in at the end of the song. That's the way live music should be.

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  1. the solo jam at the end is wicked, i love how jon is totally focussed on his fingers, and richies looking at him as if to say 'yeah man you're doing it right!'
    p.s. thanks for the birthday wishes!


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