Friday, February 26, 2010

Bon Jovi tweets address set lists

Last night's set in Glendale was virtually identical to that of the previous show in San Jose, a stat not lost on fans following the set lists.

These couple of tweets appear to be addressing that issue...

thanks for last night. sorry some of the production didn't work thats why i couldn't change the set list.

this is jbj....also, more old stuff next 2 nights..

In that case, bring on Anaheim. I'm hoping to be shocked in a really good way.
I always like performing in Anaheim, Great crowd and Great sounding venue. See you Friday and Saturday Anaheim - TT via web


  1. I know there has been a lot of complaints about their set lists in recent years (and much of it with good reason). I have also heard a lot of people complain that they don't change it up as much as a band like Pearl Jam or Metallica do.

    Having seen both of those bands, I can just say that Bon Jovi changes up their set lists almost as much as Metallica OVER THE COURSE OF A TOUR. If you follow Metallica's tour, you'll notice that there are a few spots where songs are swapped but there is a very firm structure of songs. You have to think that BJ and Metallica have big productions that need to happen at certain times in certain songs. This doesn't lend itself to a set that can be changed a lot.

    Pearl Jam, on the other hand, has almost zero "production" in the sense of video and other effects. They are more of a band that just plays (it's good - just different than a "production"). Therefore, I have to think that they are much more free to change their set lists from night to night.

    Think about what is happening with the video and lights on certain songs and how that all fits together as a package.

    Anyone think that theory is on or way off?

  2. You make some good points and you're probably not far off at all.... But if it's an issue of one or the other, I would take the surprise gem/rarity over the fancy screens.


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