Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An open letter to Jon Bon Jovi (regarding set lists)

After hearing the band talk about playing long lost rarities ahead of The Circle tour and canvassing the opinions of Bon Jovi fans, music writer Anthony Kuzminski has written this open letter to Jon.

I think his words speak to the heart of many a diehard... Check it out here.

Tony has also come up with a guide that could be followed to create an "ideal" set that balances what "needs" to be played and what diehards are craving. Check out his take on what Bon Jovi should play on The Circle tour. Agree? Disagree?

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  1. 1) Very good letter! I wish he had read it.
    2) I have seen Open All Night twice now (out of the 4 times they have played it... ever) and though it was a treat and pretty damn good live, I would gladly trade both of them for a "guitar lies bleeding..."
    3) I just caught 3 shows (Dallas, Dallas, and Tulsa). I shouldn't have wasted my money on Tulsa. Seeing them back to back in one city seems like the only way to catch a different show.
    4) Where in the hell is BrokenPromiseLand? It is only arguably the best track on the album! Why did they retire Thorn right before Dallas? Why in the hell are they playing "Work" when there are much better songs on the Circle that they are not playing?!?
    5) I do not care if I ever hear Lost Highway or I'll Sleep When I'm Dead again. Do they not realize they have an endless list of great songs?
    6) The only track I'd add to your list would be is "This Ain't A Love Song" I asked Obie to pass along my request while talking to him at the Dallas night #2 show. If Obie did, Jon ignored him and played "Make a Memory"... a song they played every show last tour.
    7) I don't understand it.

    So far I am disappointed in this tour! I hope they can change my mind in Chicago.


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