Friday, February 5, 2010

Richie and Tico's post-Grammys conference call

The transcript of Richie and Tico's conference call with the media on February 2 to promote The Circle tour can be found here. The response to Jonathan Hunley's question is credited to Tico but I'm pretty sure it's Richie talking.

The questions and answers cover the Grammys; the band's longevity; the stage set-up and possible setlists for the upcoming tour; playing to different audiences; the creative and recording process; politics; ticket prices; philanthropy; commercial success vs critical acclaim; the greatest hits album; the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; and the effect of the internet and new media on the music industry.

It's fairly long but you can read the full transcript here. Some of it is stock standard PR stuff, but there are also some very interesting things said -- including the possibility, however slim, of hearing my favourite Fahrenheit song ("The Hardest Part is the Night") and a (not entirely accurate) claim that Bon Jovi tickets have always been relatively cheap...

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