Friday, February 5, 2010

Grammys make up with Bon Jovi

I'm sure I've seen, heard, or read this somewhere before so it's not exactly new news, but anyway...
Guitarist Richie Sambora tells us that Grammy organizers approached Bon Jovi about the performance after having denied the group the chance to play a couple of years ago: "They really actually came after us you know, we're really really getting ready for this tour. And I think it was like when we won the Grammy a couple of years ago with 'Who Says You Can't Go Home', we wanted to play and they didn't kind of let us play. This was kind of a respect situation when they came back and said, 'We're gonna give you six and a half minutes and guys could do what you want.'"

The rest of the 610 CKTB article is here.

EDIT: I worked out where I'd seen this before... the conference call that Richie and Tico gave after their Grammys performance. ;)

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