Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shot Through the Heart and more golden oldies from Honolulu

Some more great videos from Honolulu shows have been uploaded. Thanks to all the Bon Jovi loving YouTubers who were in Honolulu last week.

SHOT THROUGH THE HEART - Finally, a full video of this! It's still amazing hearing this gem in 2010.

ROULETTE - Another video; I don't think I could get tired of hearing this one either.

GET READY - Is it just me, or does the band seem somehow refreshed after dusting these old gems off?



And Richie Sambora's first lead vocal performance of the tour...


  1. I have to admit that I LOVE this BJ´s 80 songs!!!

  2. I posted my other comment before I saw this post. How awesome to see them doing Only Lonely live again!! I think I've only ever seen them do it in 1985 and that's a hell of a long time ago!! I can't wait to see them in Charlotte in April. I'm crossing my fingers for some classics and so thrilled that the boys are doing some of those songs.


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