Friday, February 26, 2010

Glendale concert review

Here is a review of the Glendale show by Larry Rodgers from the Arizona Republic. It's pretty positive.

Perhaps it's because Bon Jovi's leader is edging toward 50 or because the band still catches grief from some critics or because of another Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snub - whatever the reason, the 27-year old group is playing with renewed focus and power on its latest tour.

Which goes to show, sometimes diehard fans turn out to be Bon Jovi's biggest critics. But Jon, you can hardly blame us when we're following every set of every gig, often as you're playing it, and you deliver the exact same songs as the previous concert! ;)

Anyway, you can read the full review and check out some photos here.

Also check out this Bon Jovi feature from the same reporter.

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