Friday, February 19, 2010

Flooding Twitter with set list requests

Well, couple of tweets on the Bon Jovi Twitter page got everyone pretty excited today:

this is jon. we are learning lots of old stuff. any requests... wild is the wind. something for the pain, little bit of soul, homebound train. today jbj

Some really excellent songs there. What else would you like to hear Bon Jovi dust off or play at your show?

Apart from These Days in its entirety, I'd personally love to hear "Dirty Little Secret" (Have a Nice Day bonus track). I think I might be the only person who would request that though, so I'm not expecting it to happen. ;)


  1. Well, for me, as a Jovi can since 1984, I'm itching for them to play some of the REALLY old stuff. I tweeted back to that and asked for Only Lonely (which is my first fave Jovi tune and they just played in HI), Silent Night, and In and Out of Love. I'd have asked for She Don't Know Me, but I know that'll never happen, so I didn't even bother.

  2. I didn't think of "Dirty Little Secret" when I did my requests on Twitter...but I should would love to hear it, too!

  3. @Shannon: Only Lonely is definitely one of my favourites from 7800. Silent Night and In & Out of Love would be awesome.

    @Karolyne: Love Dirty Little Secret, should have been on the album proper IMO.


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