Saturday, February 13, 2010

Honolulu night #1 videos

Videos from the first Circle tour show in Honolulu. You can read the full setlist here.

ROULETTE - Jon talks to the crowd before dedicating this lost treasure to "the hardcore lunatic fans who gave us such a hard time". If there's one criticism that can be levelled at the first two albums, it's that they sound comparatively dated (New Jersey, for instance, is much more timeless. But I don't believe the 80s are anything to be ashamed of.) But "Roulette" still holds up well in 2010, and it's such a cool song. My face hurts from grinning so much. :P

DIAMOND RING - Love the intimacy this song brings. Check out the response from Richie when Jon asks if anyone's married or wants to be. ;)

BED OF ROSES - One of the first Bon Jovi songs I ever heard and still in my top five of all time. So glad they brought it back on the last tour.

LOVE'S THE ONLY RULE - Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this song (catchy but fairly lightweight to be honest) could be so epic in a live setting. Jon fluffs some of the words and his voice is a bit thin (though better than at this stage of the previous tour), but I was almost shaking while watching this... and I wasn't even there!


  1. The same YouTuber has Superman Tonight and WGIGO up as well :)

    ~ Hath

  2. Love's The Only Rule absolutely soars on the album as well, IMO. Best song from The Circle, bar none. Should be the next single.

  3. I think it should have been the first single and they should have dropped Born to Follow, but that's just me. :P

    I'd love for Brokenpromiseland to be a single but I think the next one will be Working Man.


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