Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Montreal videos

Some videos from Bon Jovi's March 19 show in Montreal, Quebec.

SOMEDAY I'LL BE SATURDAY NIGHT; partial - The first part of the song is missing but this video is a bit of a treat for David Bryan fans. He tends to be overlooked a bit so I figured he deserved some love. ;)

I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU - Audience sounds great!

LIVIN' ON A PRAYER - The stage set-up looks pretty cool from this angle and how electric is that crowd?!

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  1. Hello there, just want to thank you for giving me the possibility to relive those wonderful moments. I live in Montreal, so when the guys come to my home town, ther are a lot of us who turn bezerk! Every show is better than the last, but the crowd is always that electric. The Band could only play the music and we would sing all the songs for the whole show.


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