Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lay Your Hands on Me in Montreal

Bon Jovi played an awesome set for their March 20 show in Montreal. Mr Bluesman himself, Richie Sambora lent his voice to the first (hopefully not only) "Lay Your Hands on Me" of the Circle Tour. Here are a couple of early video of it.

This one's closer but obviously filmed by a David Bryan fan because Richie is barely in the video.


  1. Oh my god!!! My video is on this Blog! I've been following this blog since it started!! Thank you Lee-Ann for putting it up!! I'm uploading "Always" now!! Feel free to add it too! :D

  2. Thank YOU! I think you got the first Lay Your Hands on Me. Gonna put Always up now. :)

  3. As a rabid Dave fan, I love seeing a video that is all Dave! LOL Even if he's not the one singing the song. You so seldom see him in an vids that folks take at shows, so that's a very welcome change for me!


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