Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Man Standing, Working Man, Have a Nice Day in Uncasville

Three more videos from Bon Jovi's second night (March 27) at Mohegan Sun Arena.

A few other videos from Uncasville, namely "Never Say Goodbye", "Miss Fourth of July", "Radio Saved My Life Tonight", "Hot Legs" and "Squeeze Box" were posted earlier.

LAST MAN STANDING - I think I'd prefer this a bit further down the set (I really love "Happy Now" as an opener), but it's still cool to see it played.

WORK FOR THE WORKING MAN - I know Jon's a hypocrite to sing about the "working man" while pricing him out of concerts. But I've still liked this song since I first heard it at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service. And that Jon/Richie/Hugh/Bobby walk during the bridge (from about 2:07 in the video) is pretty damn cool.

HAVE A NICE DAY - I wouldn't yet call this a "rarity" but this is the first tour since Have a Nice Day came out where this song hasn't been staple. It's actually my personal favourite out of the so-called "It's My Life"-esque lead singles, although I've seen better performances of it. :P

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