Monday, March 1, 2010

Hey God in Anaheim

The jaw-dropping magic moment from the second Anaheim show on February 27, 2010.

HEY GOD - Great to see this one. I hope it gets more outings during the tour because I expect Jon's voice to get stronger (It takes him a little while to "warm up") and it fits with the working class theme they're trying to portray. And it's just a great rockin' song.

Apparently Jon told the crowd that Bon Jovi hadn't played "Hey God" in 12 years. He is mistaken; it was played a few times on the Lost Highway Tour, the last time being in Barcelona on June 1, 2008. But prior to that it was played in 2001, which is still a pretty long time between drinks (not quite 12 years, but Jon's a singer, not a mathematician).

Also here's a review of the first night in Anaheim by George A. Paul for the Orange County Register.
Modern technology sure is a wonderful thing. Bon Jovi played on a round stage with a small semi-circular catwalk, within which was filled with rows of people who paid a pretty penny for VIP packages. But my eyes were often glued overhead: I’d never seen anyone utilize screens in a similar way before. They came together, multiplied and changed shape. Additional panels morphed into makeshift stairs when Jon briefly gave fans behind the stage his undivided attention.

Yet the music is still what matters most, and this veteran New Jersey group turned in a mostly satisfying two hour, 15-minute performance that sounded great at the Honda. The still boyish-looking frontman (who turns 48 on Tuesday) was happy-go-lucky during a smattering of big ’80s hits and appropriately serious amid selections from latest studio album.

Read the full review here.


  1. Jon's voice is incredible amazing after all these years, this is a very difficult song to play alive. Loved it!

  2. Before Anaheim, it was played in Barcelona 01/06/2008 :D

  3. You're absolutely right (about Hey God being last played in Barcelona and not Hamburg). I've edited the post. Thanks! :)


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