Friday, March 26, 2010

Review of Philadelphia + JBJ's request request

Here's a review of Bon Jovi at the Wachovia Center by Sam Adams (great name, BTW) for the Philadelphia Inquirer:
At the height of his hair-metal fame, you'd hardly have pegged Jon Bon Jovi as the type to get nostalgic for simpler times. But age - his and, more to the point, his audience's - has a way of shifting perspective.
Read the full review here.

Jon Bon Jovi has also made a plea to fans via Facebook and Twitter:
need a favor folks... call your radio stations and ask them to play superman . they just aren't committed to it either way. if they don't play it no one else will hear it. if you don't like it they should stop all together. we can move onto the next track...jbj

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