Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bullet and Only Lonely in Wichita

Videos of the two rarest songs from Bon Jovi's March 12 Wichita show.

BULLET - One of my personal favourites from The Circle, probably because "Hey God" would be in my top 10 songs and "Bullet" is in that vein. It's a tough song to sing but I like that it doesn't sound so overproduced live.

Fan video:

Pro shot:

ONLY LONELY - As I've mentioned before, this song is my equal favourite from 7800° Fahrenheit. I'm very happy to see it get another chance.

Fan video:

Pro shot (Don't roll your eyes at me, Jon! :P ):

Full set list from Wichita at this link.


  1. I have been waiting for them to play Bullet... I think this was the first time live..??... They did a great job, but I think it will get better the more they play it and get comfortable with it live.... Hoping they will play it in Phila and Dc!! :) Thanks for sharing

  2. Yep, that was the live debut of Bullet.

  3. Well yippee skippee!! I was losing hope that OL was going to keep showing up on this tour. I'll keep crossing my fingers that I get that one in Charlotte.


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