Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bon Jovi Oklahoma City set list 16/3/13

When We Were Beautiful was probably the biggest surprise when Bon Jovi played Oklahoma City. Were you at the show?

Oklahoma City, OK, US - Chesapeake Energy Arena - March 16, 2013
  1. You Give Love A Bad Name
  2. Raise Your Hands
  3. Lost Highway
  4. Because We Can
  5. That's What The Water Made Me
  6. It's My Life
  7. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
  8. When We Were Beautiful
  9. What About Now
  10. We Got It Going On
  11. Keep The Faith
  12. Amen
  13. Bed Of Roses
  14. I'll Be There For You
  15. We Weren't Born To Follow
  16. Runaway
  17. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
  18. Who Say You Can't Go Home
  19. Bad Medicine / Old Time Rock 'n' Roll [Bob Seger cover]

  20. Encore:
  21. (You Want To) Make A Memory
  22. Wanted Dead Or Alive
  23. Born To Be My Baby
  24. Have A Nice Day
  25. Livin' On A Prayer

  26. Encore 2:
  27. Always
  28. I Love This Town

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  1. I was there! Enjoyed it. It was probably my longest BJ show to date. There were lots of highs and lows. I thought WWWB was much better than any time I saw it on The Circle tour... though not a great live song, I love it and it worked in OKC. Always was the biggest surprise for me. First time ever to be performed in here (same for the original BOR). The new KTF outro was worth the price of the ticket. Low points were WAN, WWBTF, and the least energetic performance of BTBMB ever.


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