Sunday, March 10, 2013

What About Now - Bon Jovi lyric videos

With the new Bon Jovi album already out in some parts of the world and being released this week everywhere else, lyric videos are now up for all the songs on What About Now (excluding bonus tracks):

  1. Because We Can
  2. I'm With You
  3. What About Now
  4. Pictures of You
  5. Amen
  6. That's What the Water Made Me
  7. What's Left of Me
  8. Army of One
  9. Thick as Thieves
  10. Beautiful World
  11. Room at the End of the World
  12. The Fighter

What is your favourite new song?


  1. What's left of me is my fave!

  2. Amen, Pictures of You and That's What the Water Made Me.

  3. As songwriters, as poets, Jon and Richie are at their best!

  4. Best songs are What about now, pictures of you, that's what water made me and army of one. Little bit dissapointed of the album. Where's the loud guitars, perfect BJ melodies? Mixing, i think it's mixing (could be wrong about that) especially in that's what the water made me sounds rubbish to me. I like that song live. Great old kind of BJ song mixed now like chewing gum-pop rock song. Would be much better song if there would be more guitar on it and groove. When you have guitar player like Richie in your band, please USE IT. I don't know what is the problem is it the songs generally, mixing, production or what? There is songs that can be more than great but aren't because something? Still BJ fan!!!


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