Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Living in Sin - Live in Columbus, Ohio

Bon Jovi played Living in Sin for the first time on the Because We Can Tour during their March 10 show in Columbus. Here's a video.

Do you think they should play it more often?


  1. Definetely should be played more. It is verry underrated song I think. People tend to forget. Though it is a little high for Jon nowadays and it is not the same without the scream at the end, still nice to hear it live.

  2. YES! I want this in Milano!

  3. I love Living in Sin but I've always wanted them to use Diamond Ring as the outro...

  4. Is Jon having trouble with his voice. ? He appeared to have to sing different as if to compensate for strained vocals. He didn't sound the same many times thru out the concert in columbus ohio. Everyone around us noticed this. Is he ok?

    1. it is called "getting old". it's fine. i still love the band regardless.

  5. you won't believe this and it's fine if you don't but the night before this show, i left a message on bon jovi's facebook page requesting this song, the message was something like "jon if you really read this page, sing "linvin in sin" tomorrow in Columbus, OH", and they did, coincidence?? i don't know. it was effin great tho!


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