Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bon Jovi Charlotte set list 5/3/13

Bon Jovi's trip to Charlotte included the long-awaited return (and tour debut) of Always (which I still maintain should be a concert staple). Even more surprising, Hey God was an audible on the set list along with When We Were Beautiful, Army of One and What's Left of Me.

Were you at the show?

Charlotte, NC, US - Time Warner Cable Arena - March 5, 2013
  1. You Give Love A Bad Name
  2. Raise Your Hands
  3. Lost Highway
  4. Because We Can
  5. That's What The Water Made Me
  6. It's My Life
  7. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
  8. What About Now
  9. Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars
  10. We Got It Goin' On
  11. Keep The Faith
  12. Amen
  13. Bed Of Roses
  14. I'll Be There For You
  15. Runaway
  16. We Weren't Born To Follow
  17. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
  18. Wanted Dead Or Alive
  19. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  20. Bad Medicine

  21. Encore:
  22. (You Want To) Make A Memory
  23. Whole Lot Of Leavin'
  24. Born To Be My Baby
  25. Blood On Blood

  26. Encore 2:
  27. Have A Nice Day
  28. Livin' On A Prayer

  29. Encore 3:
  30. Always


  1. I was there. Great 3 hour show. The energy is definately down a little from the past but hey...3 hours from a 51 year old...what do we expect?

    "Always" came out of nowhere. While it was an encore, it wasn't the usual go back stage and come back out. After bows and handshakes after Prayer on the 2nd encore, its kind of like they looked at each other and said "lets do it" and went back to their instruments and played it.

    1. i asked richie to play always in charlotte a week before the show..on twitter. we were shocked when it was played at the end!!

  2. Great show and I agree with the above about "Always". I did seem spur of the moment. Jon sounded really, really good on it also. I did miss "In These Arms" which I was hoping would have stayed in the set for the Charlotte show.

  3. If you missed one song from the Charlotte setlist... take a look at the sh*t setlist we got for the Ottawa show! Worst one of the tour.... no Blood on Blood, no Raise Your Hands, no Bed of Roses, no Born to Be My Baby... it was the worst setlist I have ever heard at a Bon Jovi concert... I would have loved to be at your show!

  4. I was there too and I agree about "Always". It came out of left field and the crowd went...well, not wild, but semi-wild. LOL I was thrilled as I've never been at a show where they did it. My issue is, as always, that it's turned into the "Jon and Richie Show" whereas I'm a huge Dave fan so I'd like for him and the rest of the guys to get more love. I know what the audience expects though.

    One thing that bothered me was people were clearly talking all over the auditorium during "Amen" which I thought was rude and annoying since it's a great song. I'd heard the new stuff already and was familiar with it and looked forward to it. I hate that not all fans feel the same way. Plus, a guy behind me told me 2 hours into the show that he was tired of looking at me scratch my head and my butt ( I did NOT scratch my butt!!! LOL I rubbed the small of my back! I swear!) and to please sit down or he'd call an usher. Are you kidding me?!?! We had free radio giveaway tickets so the seats were bad and up in the rafters, but we did have a dead-on look right to the stage. I was one of the few people up there standing up and had he asked me at the beginning and not be snotty about it, I would have sat down so they could see, but why would you wait nearly 2 hours to say something??? Sorry. Just venting a bit!

    Overall it was the usual solid show that the guys give, but honestly, I think my concert days are done with the Jovi boys. I cant' sit up in the rafters anymore, even for free. It's no fun. I only want good seats, down low and closer to the stage. But mostly it's because they trot out the same songs over and over. I've seen virtually the same show 4 times in the past 10 years. I am ready for something else or I'll just haul out my concert DVDs and be content with those and new CDs.

    1. The ticket price and set list issues come up every tour now. But presumably there are still enough people willing to pay those huge prices for those sets that The Powers That Be have no reason to do anything about it.

      I'm kind of torn since I live in Australia where concert tickets are even more expensive but concerts are obviously fewer and further between so I usually fork out more than I think is reasonable, but then feel a little dirty for feeding the machine. :/

    2. Yeah, I imagine those issues will always come up from here on out. It's just a shame that they price things so high when it's not like they need the money. And from the show I saw, it's not like they are putting tons of it into anything like the multimedia part of the show. That was nice, but nothing super spectacular or rather, nothing like I remember from the "Bounce" tour. I thought that was a bigger production than this.

      If I were in your place I would keep going to shows too. I think because I have easier access to their tours, it's easier for me to just decide to stop going. Just go and have fun and don't ever tell me that you have spent $1000+ for a front row seat and it'll be fine.:) I'll end up looking at tickets for whenever they tour again in the future, but look may be all I do. I won't be able to stop the looking though. Habit.

    3. I asked richie to play Always in Charlotte on twitter a week before the show.

    4. Very cool!! I hope that's why they played it! I'd love it if they were listening to fan requests!

  5. I think it is a total shame for the long time fan to see, basically, the same songs played tour after tour after tour. Take a look at your albums and look at the songs that were once their singles for the albums. Do you remember the last time they were played? Better yet, have you ever seen them live? I have been a fan for a long time. I have not seen them a ton of times......probably not even ten times in total. The only song played on this tour that i have not seen is Wild is the Wind which they are now not playing at all. I have never understood why there are not at least three spots on the sets that simply change every night with a total random song. Who cares how many fans know it or even like them, the point is they would be mixing it up. How many times can you keep paying money.....good see the same songs, tour after tour. i think it is getting pretty bad. i look at the sets and think, there is nothing new.....there is no new life in these set lists. Minus the new songs from any current album they are touring for, these songs are the exact same songs they are playing every tour. i know it is still early, but at this point, given the sets not changing the prices of these tickets i think i am on the side lines this time around. i cant excited to drive round trip 6 hours to see the same songs. and the million dollar question is: why are albums like These Days, Bounce, and pretty much everything on Have a Nice Day minus the title track and the overplayed Who says, almost always never played? Sorry for the venting.....just calling it how i see it.

    1. This isn't my blog, but I agree with what you are venting about. I have to keep reminding myself that some people in the audience have never been to a show so they are getting a great experience. This one was my 7th and I think it'll be my final show with them. I should have stopped after 4 and 5 which were 3 weeks apart, with great seats and just a fun experience all the way around. Quit while you're ahead and all that. People keep asking me how the show was and I feel bad just going "Meh. I was kinda bored." in reply because they expect me to be jumping around with excitement. Just can't do it. So I think you and the others who have commented here are just expressing what most folks feel who are long-time fans. I wish I could remember more about seeing them in 1985 when I got to hear the first 2 records played because that is all they had! Or find my diary from then, although it would be written with 14-year-old girl gushing about how cute I thought David Bryan was. LOL I was just digging in a box of CDs this morning making sure I had pulled out all the tour DVDs I have so I can just sit back now and enjoy those instead. Looking for my lemons to make lemonade or something like that I guess! :) And now I'll stop hijacking all the comments in this blog. :)

  6. I was there - front row PIT!!! Absolutely amazing show!! Just wish we would've gotten the chance to touch his hand, like the fans that were behind the pit did! Our tickets were a lot more expensive - spent $1,575 per ticket 2. Love this band - can't wait to do it again!


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