Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Because We Can: the complete story

Now that the last of four videos for Because We Can, the lead single from Bon Jovi's new album What About Now has been released, let's put the story together...

Official video

The Boxer: Act 1

Astrid: Act 2

The Beginning: Epilogue

So... what do you think?

Interesting trivia: The boxer is John Francis Duddy. Jon Bon Jovi's birth name? John Francis Bongiovi. Well, I thought it was interesting. :P

What About Now is released this week.


  1. I had actually suggested on another forum a couple of years ago that they should film a story line using the same actors in their video releases. Their last video, What Do You Got, featured actors and I thought it was pretty good and could have been expounded on. I recalled a series of commercials shown on TV that used the same characters in a series of "episodes" and thought Bon Jovi should do that to draw in the audience to care about the characters/story and thus listen to their songs.

    So while these BWC videos were an interesting concept, it didn't work for me as a storyline. The videos weren't really interesting as I didn't care about any of the characters. The exotic dancer had no back story so I didn't understand why she was in the video. She wasn't really attractive and looking at her bony ribs was painful. Also, the repetition of BWC for each video rather than using the characters in a series of songs to me was a failure especially given that some people really do not like BWC in the first place. I also hated the lighting in the videos--too dark and gloomy. Jon doing the same moves while singing the song in each video was pointless. I also want to see more glimpses of THE BAND. I am a fan of Jon's but don't need to see him features 99% of the time--I am a fan of the other band members also. In fact at this point it might be more interesting to feature more of the individual band members as they have more mystery about them than Jon.

    1. I liked that they did something a little different for this but yeah, perhaps carrying a concept across different songs on the album might have been more interesting. They kind of did it with Jack and Jill on Bounce (Misunderstood, All About Loving You) but I didn't quite like the execution on those.

  2. I just figured out why I didn't like the videos....there was confusion in watching them instead of a mystery that piqued one's interest. The song is optimistic but the videos weren't even given the "good" ending. I have no interest in viewing them again which, of course, is the whole point of videos in the first place (you want to watch them over and over again).

  3. lets be honest here......if this song was any good, we would find a reason to like these videos and make some sort of sense from them.

  4. I like the song very much. I'm starting to get tired of it now because I've been listening to it over and over again. I don't care for the videos.

    If they wanted to do something like Jon did for Destination Anywhere, it'd have been better (with actors, no need for Jon to be in it but using this album as a soundtrack).


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