Friday, March 15, 2013

Bon Jovi - Because We Can on American Idol

Bon Jovi made an appearance on American Idol on March 14 (I guess it would have been a previously recorded segment because they had a show in Louisville that night), performing Because We Can to promote the newly released What About Now.

Jon's vocals sound live to me but the rest of the band is miming to a pre-recorded track, as evidenced by the bass that can be heard despite the absence of a bass player on stage, unless Hugh McDonald is hiding behind that screen or something. (The miming doesn't bother me, since this is pretty standard practice for television, and I guess there's no real need for Huey to rock up just to pretend to play for four minutes... but being a Hugh fan, and friends with a lot of bassists, I had to say something.)


  1. They weren't "miming." The bass was on a track, along with some background vocals. The rest of it was live.


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