Sunday, July 24, 2011

Videos from Vienna

Here's a selection of videos from Bon Jovi's recent concert in Vienna (July 22, 2011).

Have a Nice Day

Some fans seemed a bit shocked at Jon flashing his middle finger about 2:03 into the video, even though Richie Sambora's been known to flip the bird during this song. :P

Thorn In My Side

I can't help but laugh at how deep in concentration Jon looks compared to Richie during the (still awesome) twin solo. I know I say this every time they play Thorn, but they really should play it more.

Bad Medicine / Wild Thing / Old Time Rock 'n' Roll

Wild is the Wind

For more videos, check out Hath's Circle Tour Blog.


  1. I can't help but laugh at how deep in concentration Jon looks compared to Richie

    Love looking forward to TIMS, always this same exact requisite dig from every BJ fan.

    Never get the constant patronizing Jon gets, even when it doesn't make sense. Is it because he isn't "special" like Richie, and doesn't need kid gloves, such as a 2 month break from touring?

  2. Are you kidding? Do you really think she was insulting or (even more rediculous)patronizing him?

    It is not because "he isn't special like Richie... blah, blah..." and to imply such a thing is just silly. But rather BECAUSE he is a fine frontman with neither the ability nor need to put on a show while playing lead guitar. If you have to noticeably concentrate that hard on playing guitar, odds are you probably shouldn't do it in front of 40,000 people... especially if you have Richie Sambora by your side (or Phil X if you choose to use that argument again).

    That all being said, though somewhat amusing, I am glad Jon busts out a solo every now and then. He is a strong singer and a world class frontman, but I often forget that he is a good musician. And in all fairness, from what I have seen, he'd beat Bobby in a guitar duel.

  3. Anonymous - Thanks for your comments, though I'm a little confused by them. For the record I wasn't trying to belittle Jon. That twin solo ending is one of the main reasons why I love Thorn live and I'm very glad they do perform it every now and then, even though it's clearly not something that comes "naturally" to him.

    I know I've criticised Jon in the past and I will again in the future, but I'll also be one of the first in line to defend him when the Jonny bashing gets over the top, as it sometimes does with diehards. He's not perfect but he'll always be one of the key idols of my formative years. :)

    bounce442 - Bobby's an old time rock 'n' roll jukebox... but damn, he shouldn't be touching Bon Jovi solos. Not when there's a Richie (or Phil X for that matter) around!

  4. Thanks for you explanation and for bounce's defense, though I'm not sure they make the same point.

    I was simply reacting to what I keep reading everywhere, often word for word identical. Every time Jon brings out more than minimal guitar, the between-the-lines read "Aw, how precious". There are many reasons why this is bogus to me, though I'll control myself and not bore you with them. :)


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