Monday, July 25, 2011

Bruges set list

Shortish set for Bon Jovi's Belgium show... Had some really nice inclusions from a diehard's perspective but from what I've read and been told the show was just "okay" as opposed to great. I'd love to hear comments from anyone else who was there, though.

Bruges, Belgium - Zeebrugge Beach - July 24, 2011
Happy Now
You Give Love a Bad Name
Blood On Blood
We Weren't Born To Follow
Lost Highway
Whole Lot Of Leavin'
It's My Life
The More Things Change
Raise Your Hands
Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars
Bad Medicine / Hot Legs [Rod Stewart cover]
Bed Of Roses
I'll Be There For You
Who Says You Can't Go Home
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Have A Nice Day
Keep The Faith

Wild Is The Wind
Never Say Goodbye
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Livin' On A Prayer

As per usual, Hath's Circle Tour Blog will have all the videos in due course.


  1. Was really cool! But does anybody know, what happened with them? they didnt "gave thanks" on fb or twitter like they always do! They went also after the concert to Barcelona, so they didnt stay in there! I went to the concert and am really disapointed, because I coudnt see them next to the concert, but specially, because I think they didnt enjoy the concert!!! Please help me!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment. From what I've heard, Jon was disheartened by the crowd reaction (or lack of reaction) to the songs they were doing.

    What do you think (anyone who was there)?


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