Thursday, July 21, 2011

Taylor Swift covers Livin' on a Prayer

I need to do a catch-up video post for Udine, Italy this weekend (I've now gone from student/freelance hours to working full time so no more trawling through vids at three in the morning, haha). But in the meantime here's a clip from Taylor Swift's concert at New Jersey's Prudential Center on July 19. She sings part of Livin' on a Prayer acoustic as a prelude to You Belong With Me.

What do you reckon?

I wonder if it's hard to sing on that revolving tree platform thing...


  1. How dare she ruin this song!!! -Linn in CT

  2. Bless her heart... she tried. And she sounded good... better than I have seen her at various tv performances. Furthermore, I am pretty sure that is the single neck version of the Taylor Richie plays on wanted... beautiful guitar.

  3. She's sweet. And I agree with bounce442, she sounded good.


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