Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jon flips the bird... Oh Lord, have Mercy...

Haven't done a Bon Jovi video post since Dublin. There hasn't really been anything we haven't seen before in the shows since, but I figured I may as well post these little "incidents". ;)

JBJ flips the bird: Long story short, there was a girl in Bucharest who felt she'd been wronged by the fan club and had attended several shows with a banner for Jon. Jon's middle finger pops up at about 0:51 of this video of Dry County, followed by a dry Jersey shrug.

Mercy x 3: Apparently there were banners in Dusseldorf requesting Mercy, the Duffy song Bon Jovi covered a few times on the Lost Highway Tour. Jon couldn't remember the lyrics and tried the song three times. First, during the Bad Medicine medley (Wait, is that a sign requesting Twist and Shout I see?!)...

He tries again, acoustic, after When We Were Beautiful...

Before finally nailing it (albeit with the obvious help of a teleprompter).

I have a feeling this is the last time we'll see Mercy. Anyway, you know the drill... Hath's Circle Tour Blog for the complete video guide.

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