Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Year's Eve trailer

The official trailer for New Year's Eve (featuring the acting comeback of Jon Bon Jovi) is out.

What do you think?


  1. My wife was a bigger fan of V-Day than me but I am sure I will see this for no other reason than JBJ is in it. Honestly, his acting is a bit hit or miss for me. Sometimes he is great... totally believable. Then, there are other performances...

  2. probably wont have enough time to "act" anyway, so i dont think youll need to worry about that. not too big a fan of these a.d.d.-type movies (how many celebs can you name in one picture) but maybe ill be in more of a new years eve mood closer to the release of it, haha.

    to a lot of fans, jon wasted his time acting, time that could have been spent making music. i always understood his.. what seemed to be disillusionment with music in that era, and didnt care if he wanted to try something new, but the actual roles he got were abysmal. getting cast as "the impossibly hot ______" in everything, and with the added "look everyone, it's jon bon jovi!!" the worst offender was probably ally mcbeal, though that show was terrible to begin with.
    so im glad he's kept it to a minimum lately.

  3. I think the balance of what he was doing in the 90s was actually pretty good and he showed some promise as an actor. But Pay It Forward was probably the last decent role/movie/show he had (and I think he was in all of two scenes in the final cut).


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