Thursday, July 7, 2011

JBJ surgery details + Richie's girlfriend hits out

A couple of news bits I figured I should post ahead of Bon Jovi's first show in Turkey since the Keep the Faith/I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Tour.

First of all, Jon had surgery on his injured knee in Dublin on July 1, then reportedly spent some time recuperating in Iceland. Anyway, here's what the surgeon had to say:
Ray Moran, Director of Medicine at the Sports Surgery Clinic performed the operation to repair the cartilage ligament damage.

"Jon has spent the last two weeks performing with a knee brace and five concerts with a locked knee, which would have limited his mobility greatly and been very painful," explained Moran. "Having had the cartilage damage repaired he can continue with his tour schedule with significantly increased mobility."

Meanwhile, Richie Sambora's female companion Yasmin Mitri has posted the following on Twitter (assuming this is in fact her):
Yasmin Mitri
Yasmin Mitri
The Twitter account was private until a few days ago and there aren't many tweets on there, though there is a casual mention of seeing Bon Jovi ahead of Hard Rock Calling. That doesn't really mean anything though, and trust isn't really a word one would associate with News of the World. I know some Bon Jovi fans have taken to abusing Yasmin online and I have to say I find that quite sad, regardless of what people might think of her for whatever reasons.

Looking forward to Istanbul though. Been an interesting week so it'll be nice for a concert to take centre stage again. ;)

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