Saturday, October 16, 2010

White Trash Beautiful song? + Billboard tour awards

Cheers to Hath and samboragirl for the heads-up.

A video has been posted on the White Trash Beautiful blog in the lead-up to LA Fashion Week. Check it out. You can hear what Nikki Lund has confirmed is their fashion show theme song entitled "White Trash Beautiful".

We know the WTB clothing line was born after a song Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora abandoned, called "White Trash Beautiful". And Richie has said he and Nikki are working on some music together. Is this a rejigged version of that original song?

Oh, and Bon Jovi are among the finalists for the 2010 Billboard Top Touring Awards:
Bon Jovi, U2, AC/DC, Lady GaGa, Brad Paisley, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are among the top finalists for the 2010 Billboard Touring Awards, which will be handed out in New York on Nov. 4. The awards - which honor artists, tours, venues, and live entertainment firms - are primarily based on global box office numbers reported to Billboard Boxscore from Oct. 1, 2009, through Sept. 30, 2010.
Bon Jovi is competing with U2 and AC/DC for the Top Tour and Top Draw awards. Read the full article here.

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