Saturday, October 30, 2010

Is a Jon Bon Jovi solo album on the cards?

This Billboard article sees Jon considering his post-tour activities:
"I'm going to sit on a beach for August, which is usually what I do, and come September figure out what's next," Bon Jovi tells Some possibilities? "A smaller-sounding solo record and/or focus more on the philanthropy and sports ownerships," he says. "I don't see any acting in the immediate future. It'll be out of the political cycles, and there's nothing else I wish I could do. I'm not a coulda, shoulda, woulda kind of guy. If I wanted to do it, I tried it, so it's not like I have any hidden desire to become a chef or anything."

If he does take the solo album route, Bon Jovi -- who went it alone on the 1990 soundtrack for "Blaze of Glory -- Young Guns II" and on 1997's "Destination Anywhere" -- predicts he'll go for "a lyric-driven, acoustic-sounding kind of thing with piano, a couple guitars, a B3 (organ) and a violin. I do these solo things oftentimes for charity, and I enjoy the atmosphere because it really gives the singer a chance to sing. You're not competing with the loud amps. So I could see myself doing a singer's type of a record. We'll see."
Sounds cool. And if one Richie Sambora finally gets to finish and release his own North Korean Democracy, that would be pretty sweet too. ;)

Jon also talked about the shift from The Circle Tour to what is essentially the Greatest Hits Tour...
"While we're in the midst of 'The Circle' tour, this 'Greatest Hits' made the most sense," Bon Jovi explains, "because the tour's going to continue through the summer of next year. For those who have just found the band in this rather prolific decade, this is a great introduction, and for the fan who's been there the last three decades, this is everything you've ever known and then five new songs. So I feel like they're getting value added, too."

(Sure thing, mate, but will I get to hear of the best Circle songs in Australia?)

And the new songs...
Bon Jovi says two of the new songs, the single "What Do You Got?" and "This Is Love, This Is Life," were started during "The Circle" sessions but didn't fit the album and were finished for "Greatest Hits," along with "This Our House," an MP3 download premium for those pre-ordering the album. The other two, "No Apologies" and "The More Things Change," were written specifically for the compilation.

He says he was surprised that "What Do You Got?" got the nod to be the first single. "I said, 'If anyone wants to pick a single, you tell me. What do I know?' " recalls Bon Jovi, who favored "No Apologies." "That was the one that floated to the top, and I was taken aback because it was the (last) of the five I would've picked. But people have really been relating to the lyric, and seemingly, it's a hit."
For what it's worth, I would have gone with "This Is Love". It's got a catchy singalong hook and experiments with some different sounds but is still unmistakably Bon Jovi. The chorus of "No Apologies" is a little uninspiring for me personally, and I think it would remind people too much of songs like "It's My Life", "Have a Nice Day", "Everyday" and "We Weren't Born to Follow".

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