Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ultimate Video Collection, Rock Band, Soul Foundation, Facebook, Bridge Over Troubled Water

This is a bit of a "catch-up" post... a few days is a loooong time in Jovi Land. ;)

First of all, there'll be a deluxe edition of the upcoming Greatest Hits featuring The Ultimate Video Collection: a DVD featuring 16 of the band's music videos (presumably the singles on the Greatest Hits standard edition or first disc), plus 17 live tracks including "We Weren't Born to Follow" from the roof of the O2 arena. I don't yet know if this is getting a worldwide release but if worse comes to worst, you should be able to buy it online:
If anyone finds any more links or information about this, leave a comment or let me know.

Secondly, Bon Jovi has partnered up with the makers of Rock Band 3 as part of the Greatest Hits promotion:
The band’s entire Greatest Hits collection, which hits shelves on November 9th, will be available as DLC for Rock Band. And the publisher has partnered with the group for promotional activity.

“Bon Jovi is undergoing all manner of promotional activities, including a tour. And we are partnering with them to help bring that to the masses,” MTV’s SVP of electronic games and music, Paul DeGooyer, told MCV.
Read the rest of the article on MCV. By the way: DLC = downloadable content and SVP = senior vice president.

I might actually have to start playing games again. ;)

Thirdly, the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation (formerly Philadelphia Soul Foundation) celebrated its fourth anniversary on October 5. Here's what Jon had to say on their Facebook page:
it's been 5 years since President Bill Clinton came to Philadelphia to launch the JBJ SOUL FOUNDATION. time flies when your having fun. thanks to so many for so much. our work is helping families all over the country get a much needed hand up. check out our website to see what we've done and how you can help out... jbj

Fourthly, Bon Jovi hit five million Facebook fans on October 7 (Tico's birthday). Jon posted a thank you video which you can view at this link.

And finally, in the wake of Mercedes' (Amber Riley) rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel classic "Bridge Over Troubled Water" on Glee, Vulture is running a poll YouTubed performance of the song. The options are:
  • The Keytones
  • Radojka ┼áverko
  • Bobby Darin
  • Clay Aiken
  • Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora
  • Mercedes
Click here to watch all the versions and vote. Despite its High School Musical-esque reputation, I personally love Glee (although I haven't seen this episode yet because the show is on hiatus in Australia during the Commonwealth Games) but Jon and Richie take the prize for me.

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