Monday, October 25, 2010

Jon Bon Jovi in his own words and Baron Capital

Jon on Jon. This appeared in the Herald Sun's Sunday Magazine today:
A band is like a marriage or a family.
It was hard for us early on because, like in a new relationship, we were trying to figure each other out. You had to be careful about what you said or did, because sometimes people interpret things incorrectly. Everybody has their idiosyncrasies, but when you’ve been around each other for nearly three decades, as we have, you know what they are, so you don’t misinterpret them.

Richie [Sambora, Bon Jovi’s guitarist] and I are closer than brothers.
There have been periods of love and less than love between us, but I don’t think there was ever a period
of disrespect. He’s had a few setbacks. He’s been through a difficult divorce [from Heather Locklear], he’s had other personal problems [with substance abuse], but he got through it. I’ve spent more of my life with him than I have without him. That’s a statement.
Read the rest of it here.

Bon Jovi also played at an investment conference for Baron Capital Management on October 22. Apparently its founder Ron Baron gets a big name performer to each conference:
Suspense built when Baron, who grew up in Asbury Park, NJ, and spent summers working odd jobs on the Jersey Shore, said he had picked a fellow Jersey man.

Could it truly be? Could we be lucky enough to see Bruce Springsteen in concert while covering an investment conference? Sensing our excitement, Baron quickly quashed our hopes explaining it would not be the Boss.

Instead the 4,000 guests crowded into the opera house were serenaded by “the more handsome guy from New Jersey” as Jon Bon Jovi introduced himself. He performed such favorites as “You Give Love a Bad Name” and also gave his rendition of “Hallelujah.”
You can read the full story here.

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