Friday, October 1, 2010

Bon Jovi app - available in the iTunes store now

Daniele Fruzzetti has developed the Bon Jovi Tour Guide app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad:
With Bon Jovi Tour Guide you can get all the info about the Bon Jovi Circle Tour 2010 with DAILY UPDATES of CONCERTS SETLIST! Search within the App for YOUTUBE VIDEOS of concerts, just tap on a song title in the setlist! Search within the App for PHOTOS of concerts on Flickr! Bon Jovi Tour Guide provides also info about tickets availability and links to buy them.
Check out the app here.
I only have an iPod nano so I haven't tried this app myself, but if anyone else does, feel free to post a review. :)


  1. The app is a nice, portable version of The Circle Tour blog (without download options). I checked out the two shows I went to (Nashville and Louisville) and it has the set list with a link next to each song for YouTube videos and a way to get tickets to upcoming shows as well as a link to Flickr photos from each show. It's a nice way to get those things without searching all over the place. It's only 99 cents so it's not ridiculous.

  2. C'mon Lee-Ann, why do we need this app? We get all our BJ needs and links from you and hath!!!

  3. Let me announce you that an update with the North American and European 2011 legs and with the ability to post comments about shows it's available on the iTunes store, obvoiusly free for whom have already purchased the app.



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