Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bon Jovi and X Factor

Time for a few of those posts I've been meaning to write/publish over the past few days but simply haven't had the time. But my final two assignments are due on Monday and after that I'll be able to finish a new header for Blame It On The Love, and of course, blog when I want to. ;)

I'll start with Bon Jovi's appearance on The X Factor in the UK on Sunday, October 31. They performed "Livin' on a Prayer", backed up by the contestants. TV performances are usually very underwhelming so this actually isn't too bad at all; I quite enjoyed it. But I'm very surprised they didn't give "What Do You Got" some airtime. In my opinion, "What Do You Got" was a poor choice of lead single, but miracles can happen with the right promotion so it's a bit curious that they didn't take the opportunity to spruik it.

Speaking of The X Factor, a few weeks ago I blogged about Altiyan Childs' rendition of "Prayer" on the Australian version of the show. A lot has changed in that time... I think Altiyan was an $18 outsider to win going into that week; he's now the $1.60 favourite. And following his performance of Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69" last Sunday, radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands told him "Bon Jovi said to say hello to you, Altiyan". Ronan Keating did mention a couple of weeks ago that Jon had watched the "Prayer" performance on YouTube so that was a pretty cool moment... It's always nice to get a random Jovi reference on Aussie TV. ;)

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  1. He's just as good, as he were all them years ago when he sang this song with his long curly hair. loved him then, still love him now xxx


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