Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pick the set list, watch it live!

So for anyone who didn't get the memo... the November 10 show at Best Buy Theater is going to be streamed live on YouTube... You can also submit your requests via the Moderator tool on Bon Jovi's YouTube channel and vote on people's suggestions. (You have until Monday, November 8th at 5:00PM ET to do this).

which Bon Jovi song from their vast catalog inspires you the most?

You can submit your song requests from all over the world right here. You can submit with either a text request OR (even better) with a video request explaining why that Bon Jovi song is your particular favorite. Other fans will then be able to vote on all of the suggestions and the most popular picks will rise to the top. So get your video cameras ready and tell us what to play! Tell everyone the song title FIRST and then go on to tell us why it's your favorite. You can submit your favorite song now through Monday, November 8th at 5pm ET. On November 10th, tune in to our live streaming concert right here on the Bon Jovi channel on YouTube to hear YOUR top picks of our greatest hits.

According to Bon Jovi's Twitter page:
We will be showing the performance twice more after it airs live on the Bon Jovi YouTube channel for those of you watching around the world!

One of my criticisms about Bon Jovi in the past has been their sometimes dinosaur-like use of the Internet and social media, especially for a band that's so hell bent on staying relevant, so it's nice to see them trying things like this.

Seems Bon Jovi's performance on the Late Show with David Letterman on November 9 is also being broadcast live to (presumably American) iPhones and iPod Touch users via the VEVO app.

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