Saturday, November 6, 2010

Making November 10 a special event

So, most of us probably know about the November 10 Best Buy Theater/YouTube webcast, for which we the fans have been invited to help pick the set list. Anyway, Bon Jovi diehard Dante made an appeal on my Facebook page yesterday, for everyone to request rare songs in order to make it "a great bon jovi show not an ordinary show". Dante's suggestions included "Something to Believe In", "Only Lonely, "Let It Rock", "Dry County", "Hey God", "One Wild Night", "I Get a Rush", "Any Other Day", "Thorn In My Side", "Brokenpromiseland", and pretty much anything from Bounce.

I think most of us do want, and perhaps even expect, something special for the diehards. And a lot of people on Bon Jovi's YouTube channel have requested rarities. What isn't entirely clear to me is whether or not Jon considers Bon Jovi's entire discography to be fair game on the night, or whether he's just going to pick from tracks that are on the Greatest Hits.

Nevertheless, all we can do is log into YouTube, request a rarity and vote up or "like" the requests that feature rare songs, and hope for the best. We have two days left!

This is what I submitted (It sounds a bit cheesy but I don't care):
Something to Believe In both reflects me in my darkest hour and elevates me to greater heights.

Please give us something to believe in, Bon Jovi. :)

I also requested "Hey God", "Dry County", "Brokenpromiseland", and "Hardest Part is the Night" in another submission.

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