Monday, November 15, 2010

Altiyan Childs sings Blaze of Glory

About five weeks ago, I posted a video of The X Factor Australia contestant Altiyan Childs' performance of "Livin' on a Prayer". Well, I'm beginning to wonder if his mentor Ronan Keating has a slight man-crush on Jon Bon Jovi, because he gave Altiyan a JBJ solo hit to cover last night. :P The theme was "Chart Toppers" and I think this is the only Bon Jovi/Jon Bon Jovi single to actually get to number one in Australia (The band has had a few number one albums here, but no singles to my knowledge).

Here is Altiyan's rendition of "Blaze of Glory" (including a few words from the Bee Gees' Robin Gibb at the start, and the judges' comments at the end):

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  1. Check out the new Bon Jovi inspired song called "Let The Sunrise Say Goodbye" from HWY-99 ! Now available on iTunes and YouTube ~ amazing !!!


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