Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bon Jovi still rocking 'n' rolling (interview)

This interview with Jon from the Malay Mail is a few days old, but it's in promotion of the Greatest Hits which is still current.

Jon talking about the new songs:
Well to be honest we wanted those who already had the songs from previous albums to have something extra to look forward to. The new material needed to fit what the Greatest Hits was, which was a representation of a body of our work thus far. They are mostly anthemic rock songs about who we are, where we are (or were) in late 2008. They're very lifting and optimistic and they befit the Greatest Hits, which is a "celebration" album.

This part cracked me up to no end:
You have over five million fans on your Facebook page. What do you think about social networks and are you a frequent Facebook or Twitter user?

There was an occasion when my kids were texting while watch­ing something on YouTube, and in the distance the TV was on and they claimed to be watching a programme. And I asked my daughter "How is it that you think you are doing all these three things well?"

And she looked at me like I was an idiot and said "Can't you do all that at the same time?"

And I just shook my head and took my newspapers into the next room and felt like an old man. I can't even read when the TVis on but it's very natural for kids nowadays to multitask. I do not Tweet but it is an amazing way to reach five million people who are interested in you with just a touch of a button.

Doesn't really look like there'll be an Asian tour (apart from Japan) anytime soon though:
You last toured Asia (more specifical­ly Malaysia) 15 years ago. Any plans to tour here again?

We would love to but we're trying to keep our touring to a schedule that doesn't really inflict too much pain. Err... how I can put that better? We like to tour in a manner that is not too ex­cessive and since the Crush tour, we've kept the touring schedule to about a hundred shows a year but because of the success of The Circle and hopefully The Greatest Hits, we've extended it by about 30 shows, so Asia may play into our plans in the coming year.
I know that response kind of left the door open, and it's hard to read the tone when you only have text in front of you, but I interpreted this as a diplomatic way of saying "no". Hopefully for fans in Asia I'm wrong though!

Anyway, check out the full article here.

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