Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meadowlands reviews

Here are some reviews of Bon Jovi's opening night at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

From Mike Kerwick on
Twelve songs into this christening — his hair soaked, his face bathed in a glistening coat of sweat — Jon Bon Jovi offered his review of the show.
“It’s a good thing there isn’t a roof on this place,” he told the crowd. “I’d be about blowing it off.”
Read the full review here.

From Tris McCall for The Star-Ledger:
It was a spirited rendition of "Bad Medicine," and Jon Bon Jovi was working the crowd. Here was the rocker as consummate showman, throwing arms and elbows, pouting for effect, cupping his hand over his ear in faux exasperation with the audience enthusiasm level, whomping them up into a frenzy, asking for more.
Read it in full here.

And David Hinckley for Daily News:
With a crisp sound system that felt like it was pumping thunder into the cavernous $1.6 billion stadium, Bon Jovi delivered precisely the upbeat, fist-waving anthems the mostly middle-aged crowd had come to hear.
Full review at this link.

Videos in the next post.

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