Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meadowlands Eve...

Not long to go before Bon Jovi opens the new Meadowlands Stadium and according to's Twitter:
Jon Bon Jovi rewrote the lyrics to "Dry County" for the new meadowlands opening shows about 5 hours ago via web
I read that it now includes lyrics alluding to the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill that's been going on since April.

Meanwhile Jon has talked about the shows in this article on
"I worry about dumb stuff like allergies," the 48-year-old singer confessed during a roundtable with writers this afternoon at the Jumeriah Essex House in Manhattan. "Like going out there and sneezing. I never worry about singing or playing or the band’s performance, the production or anything like that. I’m more into, 'Can I breathe tonight?' 'Did my mother get a good seat?' The dumb stuff."
Read the full article here.

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