Thursday, May 13, 2010

Confused about Bon Jovi special editions?

Since the announcement of the Bon Jovi special edition album re-releases, there has been a lot of confusion about the promised live bonus tracks and the exclusive "Bon Jovi Vault" that purchasing the albums is supposed to unlock.

Anyway the special editions came out in the US a couple of days ago and The Goddess Hathor has posted this blog which might help clear a few things up. Apparently:
  • There are a few different packages available from different places;
  • The Vault is only available in the United States, from May 18, 2010 to November 11, 2011.
Head to Hath's blog for the details, including a confirmed list of all the live bonus tracks on each album.

I don't know yet if international fans will get something different in the Vault or nothing at all.

milomom has also posted about the albums in the Special Editions thread on JoviTalk:
Each CD unlocked only that portion of the vault that corresponds to that CD. An additional live track from each CD was available for streaming, but I can't buy the tracks until May 18. Silent Night is the track from Fahrenheit, and Raise Your Hands is the SWW track. Validating each CD also loaded photos from that timeframe into a gallery in the vault.
She also mentioned that Walmart was selling the CDs in normal jewel cases but cheaper, while Best Buy had the digipacks.


  1. My beef has been that I cannot find the Live at Madison Square Garden DVD anywhere I look. It was supposed to be exclusive to Walmart here in the States (or so I thought I read on the Jovi Twitter feed), but the stores I've gone to have NO CLUE about any of it. They don't even have the special edition CDs!! Totally nuts. Gotta keep looking.

  2. Shannon....i got my MSG dvd at WalMart.....also picked up a couple of the Special Eddition cd's. I'm not sure where you live...i live in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area....i went on May 11th and they only had 2 of the MSG CD'S left. It was hard for me to find, as they just had them blended in with other BJ cd's. I'll be glad to help ya out, if you cannot find one anywhere. Just lemme know. Tonja


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