Monday, May 24, 2010

Lorenza Ponce: Have violin, will travel

Lorenza Ponce tends to divide Bon Jovi fans (some love her; some hate all things country or all things violin, and by extension any association she has with Bon Jovi). But since a lot of my Twitter followers dig her and her new album Soul Shifter, and presumably some of them also read my blog, I thought I'd link to this article about her in the Asbury Park Press (Besides, she talks about Bon Jovi too):
“One thing I learned from Bon Jovi — it’s good to be on top,” Ponce said, with a laugh. “They live a great lifestyle. But, it’s a lot of hard work and they are incredibly disciplined. Everything is geared to the show — working out, eating, vocal warm-ups. Everything is scheduled to be gig-ready. And that’s why they’re so successful. It’s a job. They love it, but they know they have to take it seriously. They don’t always get the best press or whatever, but there’s a reason why they’ve lasted. You can go crazy and drink and last for five years, or you can have the discipline that Jon has and still be performing at the top after 25 years.”
Lorenza also talks about her diverse musical background, social networking, and working with Sheryl Crow. Read the full article here.

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