Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jon Bon Jovi quits smoking? Really?

According to Contactmusic via Q Magazine, Jon finally did away with his little nicotine habit because he didn't want to pay extra premiums on life insurance.
"I swore off them before the tour and I'm happy to say that I haven't picked them up again.

"(I quit because of) the cold hard truth. I tried to get life insurance and the price with smoking was so ridiculous it was enough to p**s you off and just throw them in the garbage. So it was cold f**king turkey."
Read the article here.

Well, I'm rapt if that's true, even if the reasons behind it raised a giggle. And if it is true (or if Jon is careful about not being photographed or filmed smoking ever again) I'm thinking the Rudd Government here in Australia should think about hiring Jon as an ambassador for their tobacco tax: "Revenue raising? Hell no! It really does help you quit!" ;)


  1. LOL. Not sure if I believe this :p

  2. lol I'm skeptical too but it's both awesome and hilarious if true. :P


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