Friday, May 7, 2010

David Bryan to miss June 13 Bon Jovi show in London

Bon Jovi will be without king of the keyboards David Bryan at the O2 Arena on June 13, 2010. David's going to the Tony Awards -- Memphis has been nominated for eight awards, including Best Musical, Best Orchestration and Best Original Score.
“It will be the first show I’ve ever missed since I was 16 years old playing with Jon [Bon Jovi],” Bryan told at the 2010 Tony Nominee Press Reception on May 5. “I’ve never missed a show. When my father passed away, I waited two days to bury him ‘cause I had two shows to do. And he would have understood that, ‘cause he was a musician, too.”
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This could be Dave's chance to really shine... hope Memphis scoops the pool!


  1. WOW! That's big news. I wondered how this was going to be handled and was pretty sure they'd have a gig that night already planned. But what a bummer for Dave fans who are going to the show. Of course, even me with my crazy love for him would not begrudge him getting to be at the Tonys! I hope they win and win big!!

  2. I hope they win too, but he doesn't actually need to be there when he's got a show booked already. Especially considering that it's my show.

  3. Sorry mate... I know O2 wasn't cheap either. But -- as much as I hate to say this -- I suspect that Jon and Richie are the only "irreplaceable" members of the band. And even Richie has been "replaced" before (although that was due to his alcoholism of course).

  4. absolutely, i hate to say it also but if i had to replace any member it would be dave first off. it's just a gutting shame :( i'd hate even more for richie to be replaced by bobby x

  5. Update: Jeff Kazee has been confirmed as the replacement for Dave.

  6. so glad goin o2 wed but feel sorry for people goin on 13th cos it aint cheap. just hope he wins big time


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