Thursday, May 27, 2010

East Rutherford (Meadowlands) videos

A few videos from Bon Jovi's opening show at the new Meadowlands Stadium.

BLOOD ON BLOOD - The grand opening.

I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU - Great view of this.

DRY COUNTY - Not the best vocal performance, with Jon seeming a little shy about the big notes, but decent first attempt. It's my favourite song anyway, and I'm confident it'll get better with a few more performances. If Bon Jovi played "Dry County" at my show, I'd be just like that "OH MY GOD" guy you can hear in this video, only higher pitched and probably with some tears of joy. ;)

Fireworks display that ended the main set:


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  1. Holy cow! That's me on the screen at 3:27 into the 'Prayer' video (very bottom right hand corner). LOL!


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