Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bon Jovi debuts new songs live on BBC Radio 2

Bon Jovi played several songs from their upcoming album What About Now for the first time during a BBC Radio 2 show on January 24, 2013. You can listen to the show here (after a news update), including all the stage and audience banter and the technical difficulties just before Livin' on a Prayer.

Here's the set list:
  1. Lost Highway
  2. Because We Can
  3. It's My Life
  4. What About Now
  5. We Got It Going On
  6. Whole Lot of Leavin'
  7. Amen
  8. What's Left of Me
  9. You Give Love a Bad Name
  10. Livin' on a Prayer
  11. We Weren't Born to Follow
  12. That's What the Water Made Me
  13. Who Says You Can't Go Home
  14. Encore:
  15. Army of One
  16. Wanted Dead or Alive
I'm With You was apparently also played given a video of it has surfaced but unless I blacked out somewhere along the way, it wasn't in the broadcast.

Here are videos of the new songs.

I'm With You

Because We Can

What About Now


What's Left of Me

That's What the Water Made Me

Army of One

Jon Bon Jovi was also interviewed by Jo Whiley before the show:


  1. Awesome! I will be listening to all of this later on! I did watch the vid for "That's What the Water Made Me" and really liked it, so maybe there's hope for the record since I did not care for "Because We Can" (although on 2nd listening I liked it better). So glad to be able to hear these songs before seeing the live show in March.

    1. That's What the Water Made Me is probably my favourite new song at the moment. Fingers crossed the album is great. :)

  2. Much much much better


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